Saturday, 28 March 2009

A Short Story a Day: the Rubric

The terms of this veritable harlequinade:

1. A short-story a day, read about and discussed on here.

2. The length of each entry is not prescribed, and may depend on time constraints. If I am away from internet access for any length of time, the missing entries will be posted on the day back, as a flurry, as 't were. Entries could reach a thousand words, could warrant a few; it is entirely a matter of discretion.

3. There may be themed 'weeks'; seven stories based on a theme, nationality (French, American) , chronology (1970s, for example) or grouped due to recommendation, all being acquired from one source or any whimsy I can justify. The first week is to comprise personal recommendations (of writers, not particular stories) made recently....

4. I plan to write about a different writer each day, up to a point - i.e. when I exhaust my own collection of books and online texts that I have found..

5. I am doing this for the fun of it - also, the educational benefits, of myself and others, perhaps. I'm English graduate now turned autodidact. I would like to teach English in the future, so this exercise may turn out to have great utility.

6. I reserve the right to post spoilers. Do not bother reading the entirety of each post, if you are concerned about such things, you never know when they might jump out at y'...

7. Comments and indeed further recommendations of short-stories welcome! They can be from any era, genre, nation or outlook...

8. This 'noble', foolhardy undertaking, such as it is, may be known by the acronym of ASSAD if it is deemed worthy of quick reference.

Any recommendations? Please post them in reply to this...


  1. Some great science fiction stories I enjoyed last year were;

    Granpa by James H. Schmitz
    Nightfall by Isaac Asimov

    There was one other outstanding story about a man trapped on a department store escalator that I wish I could remember the title of.

  2. Let us know if you do remember that one...

    'Nightfall' I'll definitely add to the list, though I'll be reading a Robot one first. Is there a good Schmitz collection or anthology?

  3. Is anyone aware of any musicians / songwriters who have penned short stories? I'd like to read a week's worth of those at some point; so far have: Ivor Cutler, John Lennon, John Foxx and Peter Hammill...