Friday, 5 March 2010

Beneath Contempt

Interesting to consider this in the light of the Daily Heil's position in the 1930s under Rothermere.

Littlejohn - a bootboy enlisted for service in the war against civilisation. Impugning the integrity of a man who has just died is par for the course.

Foot was a member of the Local Defence Volunteers during WW2; what has Littlejohn ever offered to his 'treasured' blighty?

How does the column continue?

Meanwhile back in the real world


Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole has started to grow a beard since he split from his wife Cheryl

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  1. Just reached the ‘white cliffs of Dover with a breadknife strapped onto a walking stick’ line and need a break. It gives me a headache the way that Littlejohn writes about modern Britain as perceived from a gated mansion in Florida whilst fancying himself as something of a satirist.
    PS:word verification was 'prose'