Thursday, 22 April 2010

No you can't go back

PJ Harvey on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday - 'Let England Shake'. It felt as if a new country was willing itself into being. With the curious shots of Marr and Brown watching the performance intercut with the performance itself: eerie forties American sample - 'take me back to Constantinople / no, you can't go back to Constantinople' (covered by the Residents) - and PJH, raven-like, with a ghostly autoharp refrain:

However many caveats I might attach to a vote for the Liberal Democrats, I am much closer to that position now in my seat - with a choice of Labour, LD, Con, BNP, UKIP in Sunderland Central.

If Clegg can make the case for Europe tonight, we could be in a different area altogether... Brown is likely to weigh in alongside Clegg regarding Cameron's shameful alliance in the European Parliament, associating with homophobes and racists. Maybe the Clunking Fist might be able to do some good at last.

Any reservations I most certainly still have about the LDs are submerged whilst they are the appointed enemies of the Mail and Murdoch. All the more reason to get behind them, to try and gain greater democracy in Britain; with potential of future social-democratic consensus.

Brown might come to be seen as enabling some positive change... Most especially if we get a result close to my prediction a few weeks back (with surely a greater number of LDs than I anticipated). A referendum offering STV, AV and PR would surely be a must if the LDs gain to the extent that is possible.

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