Friday, 15 October 2010

Shadows, Ruins...

Essential viewing and reading matter for this uncertain Autumn. The BFI follow up their superlative Land of Promise set of British documentaries, 1930-50, with an intriguingly titled volume covering 1951-77. Owen Hatherley follows up his offensive on the part of modernism, Militant Modernism, with a guide book to the state of our urban architecture.

The book arrived yesterday; was flattered to discover I was thanked for my recommendations of places to visit in the North East, responding to the request made in the 'Brasilia of the North' post here:

First time to my knowledge that I have appeared in print, as it were, and hopefully not the last! :) I cannot think that I would merit a mention in Chris Mullin's forthcoming collected diaries from 1994-99, for my week's work experience in his office in June 1998. Met him briefly on the Friday and I must have cut an awkwardly monosyllabic figure, though I could certainly boast a reasonable work ethic, managing to re-file most of his constituency case work!

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