Tuesday, 14 December 2010

There is so much that is heartening about the protests and so much that has been predictably biased in the media coverage; e.g. the story somehow becoming about the Charles/Camilla non-event rather than, say, the injuries sustained by Alfie Meadows.

While one can and should condemn protestors (or indeed tagalong hooligans) who have perpetrated violence or thrown fire extinguishers around, one should also consider police actions in a critical light. Rather than defer to them.

So - I give the protests my qualified backing, and it is a protest that is a legitimate difference of opinion with coalition policy (as indeed LibDem/Green/Labour stances were prior to the election). Some coalition mouthpieces have adopted the argument that protestors simply haven't read or understood the proposals; an absurd position to take. Most understand only too well the shift in resources that the coalition is carrying out, targeting councils in poorer areas, newer universities, adult learners and 16-19 year-olds who rely upon EMA to get into College.

However, why on earth were protestors playing 'Another Brick in the Wall'? Unless they have an acute sense of irony, that seems odd. 'Killing in the Name' one can clearly understand, a naysaying to authority, that can clearly be interpreted as opposition to this False (Right-Liberal) Consensus.

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