Saturday, 15 January 2011

R.I.P. Trish Keenan (1968-2011)

...Of the magnificent European and British band Broadcast. Unquestionably one of my favourite bands of the 2000s they produced evocative modernist electropop music that chimed unequivocally with my instincts.
Trish Keenan's voice and plaintive words take this music to a higher level than much more superficial 'hauntological' music.

Ten songs to remember her by:

1: 'Illumination' (2000)

2: 'Distant Call' (2000)

3: 'Come On Let's Go' (2000)

4: 'Unchanging Window' (2000)

5: 'Winter Now' (2003)

6: 'Before We Begin' (2003)

7: 'Ominous Cloud' (2003)

8: 'Black Cat' (2005)

9: 'Michael A Grammar' (2005)

10: "I See, So I See So" (2009) (with the Focus Group)

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