Friday, 17 June 2011


'You can live your life lonely
Heavy as stone
Live your life learning
And working alone
Say this is all you want
But I don't believe that it's true'

Pet Shop Boys - 'Love Comes Quickly' (1985)

'You are no doubt very dependent on the care of your lawyer and stockbroker, of the guards and signalman who convey you rapidly from place to place, and the policemen who walk the streets for your protection; but is there not a thought of gratitude in your heart for certain benefactors who set you smiling when they fall in your way, or season your dinner with good company?'

Robert Louis Stevenson - 'An Apology for Idlers' (1877)

'Oh don't you think, that people are the strangest things? Design
Of desire, means all that the heart requires, is what it can't
Recognise, Oh no'

Wild Beasts - 'Loop the Loop' (2011)

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