Friday, 27 January 2017

Poems for the moment #2

Trident cry

19th July 2016

Your three-pronged spear
Of Christ lifespan minus two.
In last-resort letter,
Game of one:
Set off eight Hiroshimas;
Multiply a conflagration
Built in Aldermaston
Born in a bloody union jack
Leased out to Lockheed
Corporation of Sunnyvale, CA.

Narcissistic suited juveniles buy seat at
472 of 'em, top adults.
117 are for the bottom table.
Relegation awaits Cleggster and Jezza!
And canny Mhairi, the best and youngest.

It's Britannia's attribute:
She needs sixteen.
She needs sixteen!
To threaten incineration
At 7500 miles' reach;
Culture obliteration we're okay with (in theory)
And the Iron pose
Nostalgically re-enacted
From days of Joe and / or

In your studied clam, be able to
Go ballistic.
Gan proper radgie!
Or at least appear to.
And spend thirty-one billion pounds.

Postscript: 23rd January 2017

Sir Michael refused to give details,
Sir Michael, Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.
Sir Michael refused to give details.
Sir Michael has 'absolute confidence' in the system.
So, that's all right, then.

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