Friday, 14 August 2009

Same old lies

So, the nutters find an ally to peddle this hateful nonsense.

Obama's plan isn't even looking to establish a health service free at the point of use; he isn't Nye Bevan, more's the pity - but, he is looking to moves things in a better direction.

'Eccentric' views, eh, Mr Cameron? He well knows that the Daniel Hannan position is representative of many in his party... why should anyone believe the NHS would be safe in Tory hands? Cameron is following to the letter Thatcher's strategy of saying as little as possible before getting into power. It is so frustrating to see Prescott and others making the right sort of noises on this now, when they have so comprehensively rejected the collectivist way of thinking embodied by the NHS in how they have governed this country. Quite a perceptive piece on current signals from Cameron here:

So, the worst side of America comes in the open, yet again; erroneously trying to use Stephen Hawking and others to back up their campaign. We do things differently here, at least on this topic. There is vast public support for, yes, our socialist way of doing health - it is about caring best for all in the country.

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